Thursday, June 24, 2010

reason number 10 to have John Canning photograph your wedding, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah

I thought since I was working on a few albums for a wedding I photographed at the Alexander hotel in Miami beach for Anna and Aaron that I would give everyone another reason to choose me to photograph your wedding, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. So here it is.....reason number 10,

As I said in reason number 1, I do it all. There is no team either real or imagined completing different aspects of your event. I photograph it, edit the images and design the album to your specifications.

COVERS: First of all I offer the finest hand made albums which are guaranteed for life. You have the choice of over 75 different cover options from metal, linen, alligator, ostrich and cow hide leathers to hard cover, acrylic and cameos of any size and quantity.

SIZES: I offer standard size albums from 5x5 to 12x18; however if a client wants a custom size my album manufacturer will produce any size I want.

IMAGES: You choose the images for your album, I know this sounds simple enough, but there are places where the photographer picks the images they think should go in your album...huh?
I do have clients that have me choose the images but only because I have completed albums in the past for them and know exactly what they want.

APPROVAL: once the album is designed it is posted on a password protected site for you to view and approve. The album does not go to print until you are completely happy with the way it looks.

DESIGN: That brings me to the design process. I offer three levels of design that you can view below and see the differences in style and layout.

Classic Collection:
the first level is from the classic collection, think of it as a scoop of vanilla ice cream, classic, timeless, clean and simple, almost everyone loves a scoop of vanilla.
The first four images are a good example of that scoop of vanilla; clean layouts, no text, graphics, background images or overlays. Classic!!!

The second level is from the fusion collection, I take that scoop of vanilla ice cream and add a few sprinkles and maybe a touch of hot fudge and a cherry. The three images below will show you what I mean.
I add some background images and overlays, no graphics or text, scoop of vanilla with a punch!!!

The third level is from the ultimate collection. Now we have gone to coldstone creamery, we ordered the vanilla ice cream but we also ordered 10 sides to fold into the ice cream and smothered it in hot fudge.
As you can see lots of graphics, backgrounds, overlays, text and color..... not for everyone but if you are looking for wow here it is.

So there you have it. Reason number 10 why I should be photographing your next event.

If you would like to see Anna and Aaron's full wedding album designed from the white collection click the link below and feel free to leave a comment

Wedding Album

John Canning Fine Art Photography

Monday, June 21, 2010

Elana's Bat Mitzvah, Temple Torah Boynton Beach

I had the pleasure of photographing Elana's Bat Mitzvah held at Temple Torah in Boynton Beach and the reception held at Quail Ridge Country Club. Elana was a super star!!! making her family and fiends extremely proud, and as you can see by the great room decor courtesy of Jill from fringe & company being a super star is her plan.